Acid reflux in infants: Let your baby protection

Acid reflux, which is known as gastroesophageal reflux, is one of the most common problems, including infants. Infant acid reflux are often subjected to a series of conditions, from mild to severe, such as frequent spitting, abdominal pain, and wake up at night.

This discussion will be more comprehensive and understanding of physical or mechanical aspects of the situation. There is a band of human muscles in a circular structure, which is under the so-called esophageal sphincter. This esophagus from the stomach muscle detaches. When it comes to food into the stomach, shutting it down, so as to avoid acid and content backup to the esophagus or regurgitating. However, in some infants, has grown up under the esophageal sphincter mature. Therefore, the partially digested food and digestion can be acid reflux. This situation caused irritation lining of the esophagus, resulting in inflammation that is commonly known as heartburn.

Infant acid reflux which usually occurs, they between 3:58 weeks. Doctors often prescribe the drug to minimize the production of digestive acid. In 6-9 months, acid reflux started naturally diminish. During this time, the baby spent most of the time in an upright position. This is to correctly apply the law of gravity of the food taken, and that this is more natural food stay down, and reduce potential adverse current.

Following is a useful guide to infant feeding and positioning, so as to reduce acid reflux:

For smaller feeding repeatedly. It makes sense to feed your baby more than usual, but less than customary. If a lesser amount of milk into the stomach and digestion, will be faster and there will be content for the smaller amount of reflux.

Keep your baby after feeding in the upright position. As discussed earlier focus, help to maintain digestive tract content. Position your baby sitting in your lap, and his head landed you in the chest. Maintain this position for at least half an hour after feeding.

Breastfeeding helps a lot. Breastfeeding is known there are also many advantages over other commercial formula, mainly for infant acid reflux. Breastfeeding can be digested faster, of course, is narrowing, spitting, and it has a special enzyme, which can help digestion. In addition, breast milk does not cause allergies in infants can be compared with other dairy products in the market. But for those who formula-feeding is best used with low milk allergic to the formula by doctors. In addition to higher sensitivity and tolerance of the intestines, and low milk allergy can be digested faster, stomach, in order to minimize reflux.

Set up your baby in a comfortable position when sleep. When a baby to sleep when the unit where gravity can help in keeping the food in this setting. Therefore, a baby and acid reflux, often had to endure the pain Peter night. If a baby can sleep soundly, then there will not be any need to change his habits. But some babies become restless, we can see that with abdominal pain, acid gas, and wet burps. In such circumstances, it was suggested to enhance the baby's crib, to about 30 degrees. This is not enough to reduce the adverse current. You can also try to train him in his sleep on the left side. It was in this position, inlet of the stomach is higher than exports. This will also help to keep the food.