Why Do These People Get GERD?

We can only speculate about why these groups of people are so plagued by heartburn. It could be too much fast food, which may also be combined with smoking, drinking, or other habits that are contributors to worsening GERD. Stress can be another contributing factor. Although it doesn't cause GERD, stress can make the symptoms much worse. We also know that medications and certain illnesses cause GERD.

Perhaps the stress of managing two careers, a house and children, and who knows what other responsibilities causes people to ignore their health and their mental early warning systems. I am referring to the dos and don't eat so much junk food, don't eat on the run, get some rest and relaxation, and so forth. When your life is overburdened, it's hard to pay attention to doing the right thing.

I am absolutely not saying that if you have GERD, then it's all your fault. Instead, my purpose in this blog is to help you identify if you may have GERD. And if you do have the illness, my purpose here is to help you formulate a plan to combat it.

Keep in mind that if you fit the profile of average heartburn consumer and suffer from any symptoms of chronic heartburn, it's a very good idea to take action now to avoid more serious problems later.