Stomachache - Problem And Cause,

Where's the pain? and What does it feel like? are the two questions a doctor will ask if you complain of a stomachache. So, in order to treat yourself, you will need to learn how to decipher your pain. Doctors divide the stomach into four quadrants:

Middle of your chest, under the breastbone: You probably feel burning and are most likely burping. This usually signifies acid indigestion or heartburn. You could also possibly have an ulcer, if the pain happens when your stomach is empty or in the middle of the night.

Upper right side of the abdomen: There's probably pain but no other symptoms. You might need to have your gallbladder checked out.

Under your belly button: Discomfort n this area is usually accompanied by bloating, cramping, and diarrhea. your lower intestine is probably irritated.

Lower right quadrant: If there's gas, bloating, and diarrhea, it's still your lower intestine. But if it is severe and persistent or associated with a fewer or it hurts to walk, it could be your appendix.

Two things tend to cause stomach problems: putting sometimes in your mouth or not putting something in your mouth, namely, food. Determining if it's food or the lack f food that caused your stomachache is the first step toward treating yourself. It's good to know, for example, that heartburn is worsened with certain foods, while most ulcers hurt when you don't eat.

A lot of stomachaches are due to misbehavior. Overeating, eating too fast, swollowing air, drinking a lot of hot and cold beverages, and smoking all give people stomachaches.

On the other hand, not eating also can cause a stomachache, but that usually feels more like a gnawing or burning sensation. If the burning is in the upper abdomen, suspect n ulcer. If it's heartburn, the burning is behind the breastbone, higher than where an ulcer hurts.