Cautionary Notes Before You Buy Medications For Treating GERD

Patient with kidney problems should be sure to check with their doctor before taking antacids that contain magnesium or aluminum. In addition, patients who are taking prescription medications like Coumadin, dilantin, or theophylline should check with their doctor or pharmacist or check the drug interaction profile of the H2 blocker before taking it.

Patients on sodium-restricted diets should take low sodium antacids such as Riopan

Some people may think that Tums is an adequate calcium supplement for those who need it, but it is not. For those patients who are advised that they need calcium supplements, such as some women, elderly people, and patients on prednisone, or those with osteoporosis, just one or two Tums a day taken as an antacid is not adequate for calcium needs. They would be better served taking a calcium supplement based on advice from their doctors