Natural Cure For GERD

Have you been looking into trying a natural cure for gerd? A lot of people, especially those who got tired of taking synthetics medicines to cure their GERD have been resorting to other alternative medicines that are now widely accepted in the medical field. Some medical doctors actually use herbal medicines as supplement to the medicines that they prescribe to their patients.

Here is a list of tried and tested home remedies and natural cure for GERD:

  • Aucklandia Root - Chinese name "Mu xiang" This herbal medicine acts to promote the flow of energy to relieve the constant pain that many GERD sufferers try to get comfort from. This herb can also be used for other stomach problems like distention, poor appetite, treating epigastric pain and diarrhea. It invigorates the stomach to promote digestion and in recent years it has been accepted to treat other acute abdominal problems like cholecystitis and cholelithiasis.
  • Cao Guo - Chinese name "Cao Guo" This herbal medicine acts to resolve the dampness and warms the middle organs of the body. It treats and relieves the pain and distention of the chest and abdomen. But one contraindication to this herb is that it should not be used by people who have essential fluid deficiencies.
  • Common Fennel Fruit - Chinese name "Xiao Hui Xiang" People suffering from acid reflux can relieve the pain they feel on their chest by applying a hot compress on the chest area. This herbal cure removes the dampness and cold from within thus relieving the pain. This is now readily available as a pill in some stores that cater herbal and natural medicines.

These are just a few of the natural cure for GERD. Actually most of these treat the symptoms and the discomforts felt by the GERD sufferer but not the problem per se. There are available natural remedies for acid reflux including its accompanying pains and heavy feeling and most people who have tried incorporating it with their own medicines gets relief faster and there are also some people who just use the natural home remedies and feel better instantly. It all depends on how our bodies react, just like to any synthetic medicine, natural cures still depend on how the person's body will respond.