Acid Reflux In Babies

Babies who are suffering from acid reflux disease (also known as babies GERD) can be treated with certain medications. These medications must be prescribed by a medical doctor. Acid reflux in babies rely on the use of medication to relieve their baby's distress.

Cause of Acid Reflux in Babies
If a baby suffers from acid reflux, it means that acid and other stomach contents repeatedly flow back up into the esophagus. A valve called the LES opens during normal digestion to allow food to pass into the stomach. It then closes once the food is inside the stomach so that food and stomach acid cannot escape. If the LES is weak or if it does not work at the right time, then both will escape and flow back up into the esophagus. IF this happens repetitively, your babies probably have acid reflux (GERD).

Interestingly, every baby experiences some form of acid reflux at some time. This is also truth for adults. Therefore, it is the repetitive nature of the problem that doctors look for to warrant this diagnosis in infancy and childhood. The most common symptoms of acid reflux in babies are:
  • Frequently or recurrent vomiting
  • Frequently or persistent cough, and
  • Heartburn, gas, or abdominal pain.
By the time the infant is twelve to twenty-four months old; some additional symptoms can be noted, such as losing weight, growing more slowly than expected, refussing to eat, and having a scratchy or hoarse voice.

Although acid reflux in babies is not difficult to diagnose, it is often left undiagnosed. Remember that on order to have a successful treatment plan, it is first important to understand what causes the problem. This is no different in the case of babies GERD. What causes acid reflux in babies is different than what causes acid reflux in children and adults. Most of the time, acid reflux in babies is due to the lack of coordination of the gastrointestinal tract. Remember, babies have an immature digestive system, which is not fully developed until they are approximately one hundred days old. For babies who are otherwise healthy, this problem occurs until their system matures.

The good news is that there are treatment interventions for acid reflux in babies. Most doctors recommend colic calm - a Gripe water that originally came from England and is now being manufactured in the United States. It is often given to babies who are suffering from acid reflux in order to soothe their stomachs. You can find out more information here: Colic Calm