Illness Linked To GERD

People with certain diseases are more likely to suffer from GERD. Studies have indicated that over half of all asthma sufferers have GERD, and there is an increased risk for GERD if you have thyroid disease, heart disease, or diabetes.

Some illnesses may indirectly cause you to develop GERD. For example, medication you take for other ailments may make you prone to developing GERD.

Weather related Flare-ups.
In one major study, researchers in Denmark decided to look at the impact of the weather on symptoms of heartburn and stomach upset. These scientists reviewed data on over 7,000 patients and compared their symptomatic outbreaks to various weather patterns. They found a correlation: acid-related symptoms were most likely to occur in highly humid, cold, and dark conditions. It sounds as if in the United States, people in the Pacific Northwest better watch out. As for the rest of us, be on guard for those dark and stormy nights in the wintertime.