Vinegar GERD

Vinegar GERD - If you are searching for a natural, totally home remedy to treat your GERD, you can try the vinegar GERD approach. There are a lot of prescription and over-the-counter medications for GERD, but there are also associated side effects of most types of medications. The high cost of these medications also make them unappealing options for sufferers of acid reflux disease. That results in a different therapy like vinegar and GERD.

Why Vinegar and GERD Work?
One type of vinegar that works very well in relieving GERD symtoms is apple cider vinegar. You can find a lot of successful results on nearly any GERD discussion board in the internet. However, there seems to be no apparent reason why vinegar GERD should be associated in any constructive manner. Vinegar is acidic and if it is added to the stomach, it should complicate GERD symptoms rather than improve the situation.