Antacids are the mainstays for someone with occasional or minor heartburn problems. AlternaGel is an example of an aluminum-ladan antacid, while MagOx is an example of an aluminum can cause constipation in many people, and if it does, they should choose a different antacid.

Other antacids, such as Mag-Ox and Milk of Magnesia, can cause the opposite problem, diarrhea. Antacid combination like Maalox tablets and Mylanta gelcaps contain ingredients that counter each other's effect on the bowels

Calcium-based antacids may result in rebound acid production. That means that after the drug wears off, it creates the problem that you are trying to solve-high acidity in your stomach

Maalox Plus and Mylanta II have simethicone in addition to their antacid ingredients. Simethicone helps with gas and bloating symptoms. Gaviscon is an antacid-alginate combination that not only is useful to buffer acid but also coats and soothes the gastric lining, It may thus be superior to other antacids.