Zantac And Reflux Apnea

As we all know, babies may spit up. However, medical researchers have identified the esophageal reflux can contain destructive impact. Doctors thought that baby with this acid reflux, can experience sleep apnea symptoms, therefore, we are pleased with zantac. If all this is a very difficult swallowing a gulp, taking it slowly we explore the link between the zantac, acid reflux and sleep apnea baby.

Sleep apnea, reflux and zantac
Sleep apnea is a breathing problems arise, the soft tissue in the back of the throat collapse. There are many possible causes for this condition; infant's body in this respect is still in the developmental stage, therefore, this condition may be clear on their own. This is why parents are advised not to let their babies back, and they sleep. Sleep apnea attacks are more likely to occur when babies on their backs rather than on their side.

Acid reflux is a condition, the contents of the stomach travel the esophagus, often causing a burning sensation. In babies, their parents are familiar with the spitting, perhaps after a meal, but, if there are infants flow problems, esophageal cancer may be adversely exposed to the acid-secretion. Of course, this would make children uncomfortable.

In its view, acid reflux can cause sleep apnea occur in infants, the current trend is to use zantac. The idea is to reduce acid production in the stomach, so when those spitting in the circumstances, they would not trigger the symptoms of sleep apnea. Although the reason is very sound, can in fact help adults with acid reflux and sleep apnea, zantac a baby, it should be decided only by a doctor.

Zantac risk infants

Since zantac is currently sold over-the counter return and apnea, for a number of well-established meaning, the parents can read the link between sleep apnea and acid reflux, and tried to look at the conditions on their own. This type of zantac is sold adult dose level, the baby would be dangerous move. If your baby is often wake up at night, does not seem to sleep, to discuss this with your pediatrician.

We may also be that the baby suffering from acid reflux and apnea, but the amount must be zantac by a doctor. It must also be noted that, zantac should not be a first course of treatment. There are several things parents can do to ease your baby's spitting, and the first to change their sleep state. Not every baby regurgitates that should be returned to the condition that, at present. Many times, this will clear up with the passage of time and as the baby's digestive system matures.