Acid reflux disease symptoms: know your body

Acid reflux disease is a condition which abnormal gastric acid reflux into the esophagus. This phenomenon is experienced irregular most people, finally, particularly in the food.

Our bodies use of gastric acid decomposition and food, we eat it. Under normal circumstances, after digestion in the stomach, food is in the muscles of intestine from the digestive organs additional digestion. However, in patients with acid reflux disease, acidic stomach contents back into the esophagus, causing inflammation and then. Cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, pregnancy, and fatty foods to a number of factors exacerbated acid reflux condition.

Our current knowledge, acid reflux on the basis of medical research tells us that this disease is common in men, because it is in women. Have sexual orientation discrimination. In addition, the general acid reflux are more frequent in people at least 40 years old or above.

Symptoms, acid reflux, may be typical or non-typical. But based on the diagnosis of acid reflux patients, only 70 percent of the performance of this typical symptoms of the disease.

Typical symptoms of esophageal or indicators of concern, with the esophagus. These symptoms include the following:

Heartburn. This is a condition in which patients feel the pain of the burning feeling in the esophagus. Pain is often the process of development, chest, and may be expanded to the neck or throat. This is most likely to happen with these activities: After a heavy meal, lifting appliances, one at every turn and lie down. According to one study showed that about 75% of the acid reflux patients experience, such symptoms at night. These patients is almost part-time also tend to experience more harsh than the suffering of those symptoms appear in the rest of the time.

Dyspepsia. Studies show that about half of the patients have acid reflux dyspepsia. This is a syndrome, the pain and distress, in the abdomen, nausea after eating a meal, and stomach fullness. It is not a rule of law, but there are those who have acid reflux dyspepsia.

Countercurrent. This is when the stomach contents back up to swallow, and sometimes from the mouth. Circumstances, acid has spilled into the trachea and bronchial tree, can stimulate the respiratory tract complications.

There are many circumstances, although acid reflux patients do not show symptoms, such as reflux and heartburn. On the contrary, their experience, or atypical symptoms, which include the following:

Throat symptoms. Although it did not common, patients with acid reflux symptoms in the throat. Hoarseness, there is a feeling in the throat, dry cough, which has suffered an acid laryngitis, sore throat symptoms. Patients may also have difficulty swallowing, known as dysphagia. In critical circumstances, the food may be trapped in the throat, and even suffocation, it may lead to a serious chest pain. Other symptoms of chronic throat sore throat and persistent hiccup.

Vomiting and nausea. When a patient suffering from nausea, which sustained one week, he may be the acid reflux. A small number of cases, the frequency of vomiting can occur once a day.

Respiratory symptoms. Cough and wheeze counted as respiratory symptoms. These results from beyond the acid into the trachea and bronchial tree to create bronchoconstriction.

Acid reflux disease can be in the past few months, if not given proper medical care. Drug treatment may need only a very short period of time. However, when the symptoms are often recurring, but drug therapy may have to re-apply.