Overlooking acid reflux disease in children

A 11-year-old boy in Boston has developed a gastro-intestinal esophageal reflux disease (GERD). According to his mother, with, which is the end of June in 2005 ago when his son cough usually occurs during sleep, even in the daytime. This is only a short-term symptoms of dry cough. He's a paediatrician think this is the only allergies, but when his son to be tested, the results showed that his son did not allergic. She said that this is his son's asthma with gastroesophageal reflux.

Studies show that gastroesophageal reflux is the same normal infants and children, like adults, although it is a fact often overlooked. Symptoms in the disease, respiratory problems such as coughing.

Children are vulnerable to GERD patients, because of their immature digestive system. The fact is that the majority of the babies grow out of GERD patients once they reach the age of one year of age or above.

Medical experts further pointed out that the symptoms children may encounter difficulties in swallowing food, or no growth. The doctor's advice, in the case, this is the best, in order to reduce acid in the stomachs of children before, it may lead to acid reflux, not because the disease is very treatable children.

However, the doctor made a number of ways to avoid acid reflux impact on children; an example of this is burping babies, there are many times, in feeding babies or to stay in upright position, 30 minutes after the nourishing.

Although the age of a child and three doctors recommendations to the soft drinks, including soft drinks such as caffeine, carbonated beverages, spicy foods such as mint, acidic foods such as citrus fruits, too much chocolate, fried and fatty foods. Ideal circumstances, the establishment of a healthy diet, eating habits can really reduce acid reflux children.

It also recommended that small children will eat the food, sleep and, if possible, and not to let them eat the 2-3 hours of sleep, at the same time, raise their head in the bed at least 30 degrees.

Further treatment methods include the use of hydrogen blocker, which is any of the existing drugs store. Prevacid, proton full inhibitors, can also be used to treat acid flux for children.

However, if such treatment failure, in order to prevent symptoms, the other method of treatment, needs to be done. This is a very typical, but doctors recommended surgery, which is so far the best treatment methods, merciless symptoms, which does not fight the other treatment methods.

Esophageal reflux surgery, designated for the children for the children who have failed medical treatment, and continuous operation is necessary, because the children grow up.

Now, if you are confused, whether it is at the end of the pediatrician consulted on acid reflux. The answer is your observation, observation of the amount of vomiting child, if it's already out in the green or yellow or look like blood or coffee grounds, difficulty breathing, vomiting, and pain, dysphagia, a pediatrician immediately enter into consultations before symptoms deteriorate further.

Therefore, in order to prevent the disease, after eating away from the habit of leaning forward, or worse, to sleep, to take a large amount of food.

Note that advanced acid reflux disease, there has been great possibility to put an end to serious medical complications, it may lead to hospitalization.

Sensitive to the possibility of symptoms, we should not ignore it. Take care of your kids.