Acid Reflux Pregnancy

Acid reflux pregnancy - How Acid Reflux Is Diagnosed
If the doctor believes a pregnant woman has a serious case of GERD that may warrant treatment, he may first offer lifestyle suggestions to see if she improves. The doctor may also decide to prescribe medication and follow up the acid reflux pregnancy woman to see if the medicine has helped.

Another diagnostic choice is for the doctor to perform an endoscopy, although this is rarely necessary. One procedure that normally may be performed, the barium swallow, is not done during pregnancy because X-rays would be dangerous to the acid reflux pregnancy women.

If the doctor decides that an endoscopy is necessary because of the clinical situation in an otherwise routine pregnancy, one of the difficult issues he must decide upon is what medication to use to sedate the pregnant patient during the procedure. For the non pregnant woman, a sedating medication such as Versed can be used; however, doctors generally avoid prescribing these particular medications for pregnant women. Why? Because Bersed is a Category D medication.

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