How acid reflux disease, the diagnosis and treatment of infants

Do you think that's hard because when you infant feeding continued spitting and vomiting? Not only consider, it is taken for granted. This may be a gastroesophageal reflux, it needs proper attention before serious impact on the health of the public, you baby. What is worse, acid reflux disease, can lead to malnutrition and poor growth.

Infant acid reflux is an uncomfortable feeling for the baby to think of esophageal acid reflux and stimulate baby's throat. Common, acid reflux disease, increased intra-abdominal pressure, and is very good baby. Coughing and crying right, the baby has been that the Fed might lead to pressure on the stomach, the acid to the throat.

Obvious symptoms, the baby is suffering from acid reflux adverse weight loss, persistent vomiting, frequent choking, too many drooling problem in swallowing, hoarseness, chronic food revulsion and middle ear infections.

Although there are obvious symptoms, acid reflux, and some babies may not show signs, such as throwing up. It's because of their tendency to swallow the acid instead. Although children are not yellow fever, and so on, by returning, which could lead to damage to the esophagus and stimulate. One of the ways to detect silent acid reflux in infants by the pH value probe.

Diagnosis of acid reflux in infants, certain tests may be amended. One of them is barium swallow test has been a small amount of barium baby. Then, doctors can detect through food outlined by the chemical. However, it will only work, the children are experiencing acid reflux, at the same time facing the test of time. At the local barium, radioactive solution also can be used for X-ray inspection before swallowing. Through this project, the frequency of acid reflux can be tested. Endoscopic views baby mouth, esophagus and respiratory food in the stomach.

Effective treatment, the infant acid reflux is a thickening formula. This can be entered by adding cereal baby food. When infant feeding, leaving him in an upright position, and he did not lie behind. The same is true of the case, change the diapers, feeding especially when you do not know that babies are still full. So the best, if babies can hiccup frequently, in order to reduce acid reflux. A small amount of food should be considered in a very short time interval.

Breastfeeding will also serve as a great help to reduce vomiting, acid reflux in infants. Nutrients, in a mother's milk has been proven to supplement the needs of the infant. In addition, the natural mother's milk formula can avoid side effects such as constipation, in the chemical preparation of drug treatment. However, paediatricians can prescribe other drugs provide relief to the infant's discomfort. Parents must pay attention to the key, the Government of the drug. In the event of such a situation, especially one that does not work or formula results in a more serious side effects, an advisory body to transfer to a new password.

Once the infant acid reflux detection, prevention measures should be immediately followed up. The baby does not speak, his suffering, the parents should be patient enough to attend to their needs.