Stomach Pain, Or Gas?

Readers Hoscheit said he has stomach gas, the normal life that he is greatly troubled "can be more than 50 days the navel." Mr Tse said. In fact Weichan gas is a medium of diseases of civilization. However stomach discomfort, stomach pain or bloating? Wei Zhang gas situation is, in the uncomfortable position of the stomach above the bottom of the ribs on both sides of a triangular fossa bulging nausea flu found in the air inside plugging Chubulai, also accompanied by a vague pain is Weizhang gas. Sometimes Weizhang gas will cause stomach heartburn, acid back, and even acid reflux, the mouth of a hard taste.

In such a situation, whether Hoscheit or other friends, I suggest you do some homework. (1) the site of the floor in pain point cool mint oil, such as size fits all, and then use palm clockwise according stomach the Dajuan massage. Probably play eight laps to 10 laps each. Is to help smooth the way the stomach to digest quickly, no stomach pain, and (b) to be a simple relief campaign. Squat with his hands embracing curved legs and thighs close to the stomach, and also to help the stomach to digest so that the nausea bulging stomach flu to be lifted; (c) If Wei Zhang gas to be more than walk, hiccup or exhaust. This gastrointestinal will soon be alleviated, so daily exercise is very important, and (4) help digest the drink tea, but also a good method.

However, doctors said that if flatulence has been more than three consecutive days, or do you think their normal eating habits, lack of end-to-endé—¹Wei Zhang gas, which, it may be caused by some disease symptoms, then you should do is see a doctor.