16 Tips To Prevent Hearburn By Changing Lifestyle

1. Dietary restraint, in addition to not too much weight

2. Remain upright state, such as the need to lie down, I would be grateful if the head boosted

3. Taking acid agent

4. Do not drink milk or mint, so stimulate gastric acid secretion or reflux

5. Reduce drinking coffee

6. Stop eating chocolate

7. Stop smoking, also resist passive smoking

8. Avoid drinking beverages containing bubbles

9. Not eat greasy foods, such as high fat content of meat and dairy products, so as not to stimulate gastric acid

10. Waist to avoid excessive accumulation of fat

11. Relax belt

12. Some attention may increase heartburn drug

13. Attention to the spicy food

14. Eat oranges, lemons and other fruit acid

15. Avoid eating two hours before sleep

16. Eliminate pressure