Weakened System/Wearing Tight-Fitting Clothing

Weakened System
Problems with acid reflux may arise when a person's overall immune system is weakened, perhaps because of a combination of chronic illnesses, overwork, stress, or other factors.

Wearing Tight-Fitting Clothing
Especially if you are overweight - but even if you are not- if you frequently wear clothes that are at least two sizes too small, then eventually you are headed for trouble. Overly tight clothes can directly contribute to forcing the acid back up from your stomach. So do not let fashion cause you to develop GERD or worsen the acid reflux that you already have. Wear garments that are comfortable and loose-fitting, whether you are on the chubby side ot you are thin. Also, avoid tight belts. Make a new notch on your belt or buy a new belt. or wear suspenders.