Heartburn - the main indicator of acid reflux disease, and causes concern

Acid reflux disease, is a product of the failure of esophageal sphincter function. Since abnormal acid production, the digestive process will be affected, causing a burning sensation in the stomach, chest and even to the esophagus. Too low acid production in the stomach causing valve is not open. Therefore, the tendency of gastric acid, is to stand up and inflammation of the esophagus. On the other hand, too much acid production is in accordance with the same situation.

There are many factors that can be regarded as responsible for acid reflux disease. One of these is the use of too much salt. Apart from alcohol, caffeine and smoking, all of them dangerous Add to the anti-acid, salt, is a surprise to the conclusion that cause and exacerbate the disease. This finding is based on the study researchers from Sweden. They found that, from the way of life, their sampling, in that extra salt increases the risk for acid reflux disease as much as 70%. This is worrying because it means that additional salt can harm more alcohol and caffeine. A related study, Dr. roshini Rajapakse was the New York University Medical Center attested to the same effect on the risk of too much salt.

Countless people suffering from acid reflux disease, also suffered a painful and uncomfortable symptoms. A major symbol of acid reflux disease, is the persistent heartburn. Heartburn rarely experienced by the majority of people may not lead to an acid reflux problem, but a regular occurrence for a period of up to three times a week a correct view of the appeal. In some cases, some people do not suffering from heartburn, although they have acid reflux disease.

Heartburn usually experienced after eating a heavy meal, or bending or lie down. Symptoms that is characterized by a burning sensation in the abdomen and back from the breastbone. So hot flu, was in the chest. With the passage of time, Hostels to throat pain, until you experience a sour taste in your mouth. Pain, which radiates with the entire back, you feel uneasy, not able to do things.

Other signs of acid reflux disease is often hoarse voice, especially in the morning, to find a difficult swallowing, the feeling of suffocation where the food seems to be stuck in the throat, dry cough of unknown causes and constantly halitosis. These are only some of these symptoms, that person by acid reflux disease, can see themselves.

These symptoms, however, can be treated depends on the frequency and degree of pain. In particular, heartburn, may need more attention, because it could be more than painful, it caused you. Further tests should be pointed out that experience, the real root length and the damage that the heartburn. Only doctors can prescribe your drug, which would reduce the acute heartburn.

Healthy living habits, such as proper diet and exercise, it should also develop your everyday system, in order to avoid symptoms of a complete cure acid reflux disease. And bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol and caffeine drinks should also be avoided or reduced to a minimum. This is the natural way of dealing with any disease.