GERD Natural Rememdies

What is GERD?
Heartburn, estimated to affect more than 20 people at least once a week. Although occasional heartburn incident may have in common, some people have frequent heartburn.

Regularly or frequently Heartburn is a common symptom is gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Symptoms of GERD include:

* Heartburn
* Chest pain, especially at the same time lay down at night
* Sour taste in the mouth
* Cough, wheezing, hoarseness, throat
* Countercurrent food or liquid

GERD patients, acidic stomach contents back into your esophagus, may stimulate the delicate lining of the esophagus and cause pain.

GERD Natural Rememdies
If you are experiencing heartburn, it's important to see your doctor for evaluation. If it is not treated properly, gastroesophageal reflux and could lead to serious problems, including esophagitis, a narrow, esophageal bleeding and ulcers, Barrett's esophagus, and an increased risk of esophageal cancer. There are seven GERD natural rememdies.