Late Night Meal And Acid Reflux


Many people today have the habit of eating late night meal. However, regular consumption at bedtime will not only affect digestion, it will lead to acid reflux, in the hope that the people will only developed countries in the disease, we have become a kind of modern Doufubing them, the great physical health hurt. Yeoh said, acid reflux symptoms can not be taken lightly. If every week once stomach pain, heartburn, or acid reflux symptoms, the risk of suffering from esophageal adenocarcinoma than those of ordinary people nearly eight times higher.

Wang is a regular mission, because the work is too busy, time to eat simply become impossible task, each Mangwan work, to 21:00 minutes, After dinner, Wang Overturn will often sleep. Sometimes late overtime, but the eating Xiaoye. But the most recent period, Wang stomach feel too bad, always nausea, chest like a fire in the "burn", it is very difficult to eat, drink plenty of water even have to feel things out like the top. Have no alternative but to the hospital for an examination, after another in a morning, doctors told Wang that he is acid reflux disease, the cause is a long-term diet caused by the abnormal.

The main reasons are: normal diet does not increase symptoms

Doctors said, "acid reflux" gastroesophageal reflux disease, in the past many people believe that this is the Western European countries generally only visible gastrointestinal diseases. However, with increasingly high standard of living, obesity population, in recent years, this disease in the incidence of us have been rising trend.

Huzhulin said, when we eat when food first mouth, moved down the esophagus, stomach and then enter. Food and go all the way through the esophagus, stomach to enter, will be a single through the trap door, called the esophageal sphincter bottom, which is a muscle between the stomach and esophagus a one-way trap door. Under normal circumstances, when we swallow, this will open the door live. In the food into the stomach, this muscle will be close to the trap door. When the trap door muscle is not working, then they will have acid reflux symptoms. The trap door is not open for normal, making the stomach of food and eating Road Weisuanniliu go.

The main reason for acid reflux and unhealthy eating habits and obesity, Xiaoye habits belong to the high-risk groups acid reflux, if people often sleep in the two hours before eating, not completely digested food, eat a big belly sleeping on Overturn , making it easy for Gastroptosia, sphincter relaxation, resulting in acid into the esophagus inverted to happen.

In addition, due to abdominal obesity are more fat on the stomach caused a certain degree of pressure, suffering from acid reflux higher the chance.

Main symptoms of a burning chest flu

Huzhulin said that the initial symptoms of acid reflux is "vomit sour gas", but is easily overlooked. Other typical symptoms include the following four: 1. Xinwo a burning sensation, that is, we often say that the burning heart, the majority of patients with heartburn feeling is not the same, mainly manifested in the vast majority of patients under the sternum, or a sense of the Xinwo hot flu, some patients are substernal pain, and some will be extended upward, and a few patients will have to exploit Biemen flu and flu. 2. Pantothenic acid stomach is feeling. 3. Dyspepsia. 4. Hoarseness and swallowing feeling pain, acid reflux to the oral or throat, the patient was due to a feeling of pain when swallowing food or chest pain, sore throat is often thought, or heart disease, often after home treatment has been found esophagus acid corrosion to be bleeding ulcer.

In addition, gastroesophageal reflux is often a chronic cough for the main symptoms. A 40-year-old women, often working in the theatre attack cough, as had previously been treating asthma. A first visit, the doctor noted that the patients pantothenic acid, heartburn, abdominal pain symptoms suspected she was gastroesophageal reflux disease, tested and delivered esophageal endoscopy examination confirmed the diagnosis.

Huzhulin, complications of this disease have esophageal ulcer, sometimes causing bleeding, stricture formation of the bottom of the esophagus, causing dysphagia, or cause was esophageal gastric epithelial columnar epithelium replaced easily carcinogenesis.

Six prevent acid reflux rules

Once the diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux disease, how can this be handled? Doctors recommend a so-called prevention is better than cure, we must reduce acid reflux, correct bad personal habits is the best measure, and the illness was serious, the best to see a doctor.

(1) reduce the weight because being overweight lead to increased abdominal pressure, increased acid reflux.

(2) Avoid bedtime eat acid reflux disease can be changed to improve the living habits, such as sleeping two hours before not to eat, sleep, boosted his head.

(3) diet control components do not drink beverages containing caffeine, such as coffee, tea. Try to avoid too much intake of oily, Tatian food, such as chocolate cake. Such restaurants will under the pressure of lower esophageal sphincter, increasing the acid reflux. In addition we should try to avoid drinks with sour orange juice, such as lemon juice, tomato juice. Because these acid drinks to stimulate the inflammation of the esophagus, increasing chest pain and chest burning flu. Xiaoye in a short time to change the habit may be some difficulties, the doctor's advice, such as a low-fat cracker and Yixiaohua food, is to replace the high-fat fatty Xiaoye good choice. Not only drank milk before sleep-hungry, but also to help sleep, but also a good choice.

(4) alcohol, smoking increased acid reflux are one of the factors, we should try to avoid.

(5) Avoid wearing too tight underwear.

(6) sleep pillows will be boosted to a suitable location, to avoid right Decubital.

Acid reflux can sometimes through drug control nausea symptoms, such as to patients taking acid reducers, but if the symptoms persist, they need surgery method can effectively relieve symptoms.