Infant Chair For Reflux

1. Infant chair for reflux, in support of a baby to sit upright position, presided over the meeting is composed as follows:

Substantially upright perimeter wall defining an internal conference room;

Member inserted within the Office of internal meetings to determine an open, internal seating internal meetings within the scope of the Office of Internal size of the seating area at least large enough to receive infant, as well as internal members to support an infant to sit down substantially, upright position ,

Among them, members of the internal and perimeter wall, including polyurethane foam, as well as internal members include a temporary edge of the material.

2. Infant chair for reflux, a stable support for the infant, a sit down, upright direction, presided over the meeting is composed as follows:

One pair of a wall separating generally parallel to each other, and briefed each other on the side wall before, and the rear margins;

The back wall, with the rear margin by leaps and bounds in a relationship, which, behind the walls of a greatly extended baby in a vertical upright position significantly, the back wall has a lower margin;

In front of the front-end margins, and made a lower margin;

Base, coupled with the low margins on the frontline, back wall, side walls, to significantly close to a house at the bottom of the seating area;

Front, back to the wall, a wall to define an open receiver the place where the infant;

The front is positioned to provide support for the infant's chest to suppress the movement, a wall and the back wall is positioned to curb infant horizontal and backward movement, respectively, posterior wall, the wall being substantially surround a baby and support for a baby to sit upright position.

3. 2, presided over the meeting in accordance with the claims which include a reception before the wall, with the front edge of the side walls, leap in the agreements, as well as members of the internal position between the sides, in order to support an infant to sit upright direction.