Gastric Reflux Signs

The phrase "Gastric Reflux Signs," should be strictly speaking, refers only to those clinical signs and symptoms of gastric reflux patients are not obvious. "Symptoms of gastric reflux," is more universal significance; see symptoms of gastric reflux.

Traffic signs and symptoms of any information on this page, attempts to provide a list of a number of possible signs and symptoms of gastric reflux. The medical information for the gastric reflux signs has been gathered by various sources, may not be entirely accurate, and may not be complete list of gastric reflux signs or symptoms of gastric reflux. In addition, signs and symptoms, gastric reflux may vary on the basis of the individual for each patient. Only your doctor can provide adequate diagnosis of any signs or symptoms and whether they really gastric reflux symptoms.

On the list of medical symptoms mentioned in the gastric reflux for a variety of sources including those listed below. Pay attention to gastric reflux symptoms, which usually refers to various medical symptoms, patients known, but a sign language gastric reflux, may often refer to those signs that the only significant by doctors:

* May be asymptomatic
* Burning upper abdominal pain (heartburn) intensified lie down, and reduce acid agent
* Food or stomach reflux accommodate entrance
* Cough
* Night time asthma
* Sore throat
* Nausea
* Vomiting
* Weight loss

More detailed information symptoms can be symptoms of gastric reflux article. In addition to the medical information, to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the possible signs or symptoms of this situation, may also be signs and symptoms, the related medical conditions, it may be necessary to examine the symptoms may be caused by complications of reflux of gastric cancer , and the fundamental cause of gastric reflux, gastric reflux-related conditions, risk factors for gastric reflux, or other related conditions.