The Healing Value of Raw Potatoes

Once I understood how foods that the digestive system can't handle disrupt the acid-alkaline balance by acidifying the digestive tract, I eliminated those foods that gave me acid reflux: tea; coffee; sharp-tasting vegetables such as radishes, onions, and garlic; herbs and spices; and oils. The food that I digested best was potatoes. I made them my breakfast and lunch staple - cooking them in a frying pan along with some vegetables in a little water, which I drank - only because they didn't give me acid indigestion. I never anticipated the miraculous effect they would have.

At the beginning, I cooked the potatoes until they were soft because I couldn't digest raw vegetables. Eventually, to preserve some of the vitamins and enzymes, I began leaving a small spot in the center of the potatoes raw. As my digestive tract started to heal, I was able to leave more of the potato raw, until finally I cooked only the outermost part of the potato. After I had been on this nearly raw potato diet for a year, I want to a dinner party where the hostess served a highly spiced paella. I ate it and, for the first time in years after eating a spicy dish, had no acid reflux symptoms. A few weeks later I had a pizza with garlic with the same benign effect. My digestive problems gradually became a thing of the past. The occasional stomach upset and heatburn goes away when I eat a piece of raw potato. It also acts as an appetite suppressant, absorbing the acidic wastes in the stomach that can create artificial hunger.