Sleeping Body Position After A big Meal

Here's the trick: The most obvious approach to elevating the head - usually two more pillows - is usually two or more pillows - is usually ineffective, because pillows raise only the head and neck, not the chest, where most of the esophagus and the LES are located. The most effective way to elevate the esophagus and LES is to placed something under the mattress, such as a bed wedge or an escalating series of telephone books. Bed blocks are another option. These are placed under the legs at the head of the bed to achieve a sloping elevation from foot to head. The most costly approach is a hospital-type bed with manual or electric position adjustments.

For some people who do not notice nighttime symptoms but who have other symptoms of complications, elevating the head of the bed by about six inches and avoiding eating for several hours before lying down are recommended steps to promote esophageal healing. These steps are recommended for people with documented esophagitis even if they have no symptoms at all.